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  • The problem is: by what theory do we reconcile translation and interpretation of the Bible and Qur’an in order to achieve unity of thought and understanding? We do that by the new Perfect Harmony Theory of Translation and Interpreting where we enhance the role of metaphor to answer and solve this scholarly translation problem that has persisted in the Qur’an for 1400 years!
  • The Writing Centerin Universities helps students to master the art of writing proper scholarly papers, and write well. That is the objective of Norms of Academic Writing.
  • Attitudes to Translation describes translated texts as possessing ideological and institutional dimensions to the concept of “the other”.
  • Techniques of Expression - The Conference Rapporteur: Pryce adds a new dimension to this whole package by exposing readers to the holes in students’ report writing by demonstrating tangible examples in the area of conference report writing techniques, and summary writing.
  • There seems to be an increase in the use of foreignisms in Finnish business translations. A new linguistic norm in business translations, one that incorporates foreignisms, appears to be developing alongside traditional Finnish usage. How justified though, is the use of foreignisms in Finnish business translations?
  • Peter Pryce is working on the premise that there is “never a moment of true standstill in language” (Keller, 1994:6) as it is by nature in a continuous process of development. Pryce embarks on a descriptive study of language with a view to answering the following questions: Why and how do languages change?
  • The entire spiritual mission of the Bible is Salvation. Salvation is an instructional, educational process: to decode and unseal a locked Book: with the only purpose to impart the correct understanding of that locked Book: which correct understanding produces a thought conversion otherwise called "Salvation" which correct understanding and thought conversion are spiritual pre-requisites...
  • To the Minister who is studying the Scriptures, and to the Pastor preparing a sermon, this Thematic Dictionary of Matthew will help you to know and understand all the 183 doctrines that Jesus Christ taught in His Salvation Ministry, so that you can also model your own Ministry after Jesus Christ for effective results.
  • To the corrupt and rotten Ministers in the Body of Christ, shine the great and bright Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto their cast them out of the fold! It is not for nothing that Jesus Christ said that judgment will begin in the House of God because Satan and his Ministers now dwell in the churches...
  • As a true Minister of Christ often called upon to counsel people, you want to know:
    1. Who is the Christian that is qualified to enter counseling
    2. Whether you are yourself qualified to counsel Christians
    3. The definition of Christian Counseling
    4. The First record of Christian Counseling in the Scriptures
    5. The five objectives in Christian Counseling
  • Are you a Minister of Christ? Then the moment you counsel any couple, not using only the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then you have failed as a Minister! The institution of marriage will work only when the couple practising the marriage will function according to the marriage manual written by the God who first manufactured marriage!
  • Français aux Anglophones uses an effective and widely known pedagogical Grammar-Based Teaching (GBT) approach plus a Communicative Language Teaching approach, especially useful to students in French language levels 100 to 300 and beyond.
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