Méthode d’Enseignement de Traduction – Translation Textbook for Students



The main objective of Méthode d’Enseignement de Traduction is the need to develop a textbook for instruction at the University Doctoral level, to prepare and to train French and English bilingual Students at the Doctoral level to become professional translators duly certified with a University degree in Translation Studies.

Therefore, this textbook offers theoretical and practical training in translation on three levels:

  1. The Literary Translation Method
  2. The Computer-Assisted Translation Method, also known as Machine Translation
  3. The Bible Translation Method or The Sacred Text Translation Method since the same Method can also be used for Qur’an Intralingual Translation

There are four major parts to this textbook. In Part 1, you have: A Course on Literary Translation – Un cours de Traduction Littéraire. In Part 2, you have: A Course on Machine Translation – Un cours de Traduction Automatique. In Part 3 you have: A Course on Bible Translation – Un cours de Traduction de la Bible (in English). In Part 4, you have: La Conclusion Générale.

While this textbook is mostly written in French, it is a dual-language (French/English) textbook. Parts 1 and 2 are entirely in French. Chapter 13 of Part 3 begins the English section of the book. The competencies needed for the successful use and application of this textbook is language fluency in both French and English, Analytical Skills, Language Grammar Skills, Research Skills, and Academic Writing Skills.

At the end of the book, you will also find several translation practice and training texts: Travaux pratiques de traduction : Documents à traduire.




Méthode d’Enseignement de Traduction – Translation Textbook for Students

Trim Size: 7.000″ x 10.000″ (254mm x 178mm)

Interior Color and Paper: Black & White printed in 50lb White Paper

Binding: Hardback:

Case Laminate: Color Laminated Cover glued to boards, no dust jacket

Cover Finish: Gloss

Book Type: B&W 7 x 10 in or 254 x 178 mm

Case Laminate on White w/Gloss Lam

Page Count: 1098

Print ISBN: 978-9988-8803-8-5

Spine Width: 2.25000 in

Carton Qty: 3

Weight: 4.625 lbs



Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce is a Theological Researcher, Christian Publisher, Anti-Racism Educator, Bilingual Conference Interpreter, Translator, and a Technical Writer. He holds a Ph.D. in Translation and Interpretation of French and English, with research interests in Translation Theory and Practice, and Sacred Text Analyses of the Bible and Qur’an.

Dr. Pryce is certified and licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia in School Leadership and Administration I & II. Rev. Dr. Pryce is a Professor of French and lives in Maryland, USA.

Prof. Pryce taught Translation and Techniques of Expression in the Department of French, University of Education, Winneba, GHANA.

Dr. Pryce also taught Translation and Interpreting (French and English) in the Department of Modern Languages, University of Ghana, LEGON.

Rev. Dr. Pryce often teaches on Radio and TV in the Bible and Qur’an Lecture Series drawing from his long experience as a Bible Commentary Writer, Corporate Language Instructor, Technical Writer with Nokia Corporation, French Embassy award-winning Poet, Conference Speaker, Book Editor, Presidential Speech Writer, and Author with intellectual properties registered with the United States Library of Congress Copyright Office in Washington, DC.

Four Presidents have encountered the writings of Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce namely: President Léopold Sédar Senghor of Senegal when Prof. Pryce was a student of French in the University of Dakar, Head of State Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida of Nigeria when Prof. Pryce was a student of French in the University of Dakar, President Jerry John Rawlings of Ghana when Prof. Pryce was a Ph.D. Lecturer of French in the University of Education, Winneba, and was selected to write the President’s speech, and, finally, President Donald Trump of the USA after the US President received some free books from Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce.

Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce is currently devoting his time and energy to the following services:

  • Anti-Racism Awareness Training and Education
  • Anti-Racism Research, Racism Policy and Social Justice Initiatives
  • Post-Racism Traumatic Syndrome Alleviation Counseling
  • Mental and Spiritual Health Counseling Therapy for Post-Racism Rehabilitate and Traumatic Stress Alleviation
  • Inter-Ministerial Pastoral Training and Pastoral Accountability
  • Theological Research and Christian Publishing
  • Bilingual Conference Interpretation and Translation
  • Technical Writing


DSEF, BA, MA, B.Soc.Sc Pol Sci, IBA, PhD

A Scribe of the Law of the God of Heaven

Prophet of the Word of God

Professor of French, USA

Silver Spring, MD, USA






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