• In Strategies for Church Growth, we have developed seventeen strategies for church growth according to the Scriptures, for the true Minister of Jesus Christ.
  • To the corrupt and rotten Ministers in the Body of Christ, shine the great and bright Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto their cast them out of the fold! It is not for nothing that Jesus Christ said that judgment will begin in the House of God because Satan and his Ministers now dwell in the churches...
  • Techniques of Expression - The Conference Rapporteur: Pryce adds a new dimension to this whole package by exposing readers to the holes in students’ report writing by demonstrating tangible examples in the area of conference report writing techniques, and summary writing.
  • Dear Readers: Even before the LORD Jesus Christ completed His Ministry here on Earth, many people misunderstood Him, and they even killed Him for their ignorance and doctrinal errors. Now, it has been more than 2000 years since the LORD Jesus Christ resurrected and returned to Heaven. Furthermore, the Word of God reveals that there shall be False Prophets and False Teachers in our day.
  • Just about 50 years ago, the normal sight of Christian women was the woman with a head covering. Today, many women say that they are Christians but they have turned away from the headscarf. What changed? Was it God Almighty? Was it the Holy Bible? Was it the Doctrine of Jesus Christ that changed? Did the majority of Theologians just 50 years ago all get it wrong on the question of women’s head covering in the church? In this book, we answer the theological question: Shall the Christian woman cover her hair, or not?
  • Marriage Counseling Textbook for Ministers Vol. 1 – is a most valuable study and reference material for the Spiritual Bible Training of Ministers, specifically for Marriage Counseling!
  • “What exactly did Black People ever do? Like am generally asking: what did we ever do to deserve anti-blackness in every single community [of the world]? We were brought over here in chains [in the USA 1619 Project]! We were beaten, raped, and murdered! We fought for our freedom just to end up with Jim Crow, in Segregation, and being lynched by the KKK! We were segregated to our own communities, then denied jobs, denied funding for our schools! You kill our Black Men and make fun of us for not having fathers! You dehumanize and demonize and kill our Black Women and nobody bats an eye! What exactly did Black People do? What exactly did we do? [What is our collective crime that, for more than 400 years, we suffer a collective punishment of intense hatred and killing by “white people” (light pink people) all over the world?]”
  • In Complete Bible Curriculum Vol. 7 – The Hermeneutics and Exegesis of the Book of Proverbs, I am teaching the Book of Proverbs in a way never seen and never heard! Here is a foretaste of what I shall be teaching you in Complete Bible Curriculum Vol. 7. In this textbook, I am teaching the entire Book of Proverbs in order to fulfil only two objectives, or to answer only two questions, to wit:
    1. What do the verses in the Book of Proverbs mean? Or, what is the LORD God saying in all these verses in the Book of Proverbs?
    2. What is the correct way to understand the Book of Proverbs and where is the evidence that it is the correct way?
  • The Complete Bible Curriculum series are useful for detailed and prolonged Bible Study over several years. It is useful for developing Bible Q and A discussions, for seminars, for topics to preach and to teach, for Sunday School Teaching, for weekly Bible Study, for Radio and TV Bible discussions on Faith, for academic and intellectual research in the University Departments of Religion and Theology, and for acquiring the correct Scripture teachings and understanding as your Ticket to Heaven! This Christian Theological Research Textbook will benefit:  
  • The Law of Writing Scriptures is a detailed instantiation of the Hermeneutics and Exegesis of “Humans writing Holy Scriptures”. It is an extensive and comprehensive report of a complete Holy Bible research from Genesis to Revelation with only one research objective of answering the following theological questions: What are Holy Scriptures and how do they come about? Has Holy Scripture writing ended? When did it end?
  • The Complete Bible Curriculum Vol. 5 has 204 study topics in Ezra, 186 study topics in Nehemiah, 111 study topics in Esther, and 478 study topics in Job. Expect more Bible Teachings in Vol. 6!

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