1. Every Christian Student/Minister must possess a Christian library.
  2. Here are the recommended 5 books for your Christian library:
    1. Salvation – Anointed Teachings
    2. Thematic Dictionary of Matthew – Intralingual Translation of Spiritual Themes
    3. The Counseling Manual – Case Studies
    4. Marriage is a Blood Covenant – A Counselling Guide
    5. Strategies for Church Growth
  3. There is a two-tier pricing scale:
    1. Either you buy the books at the normal textbook price, or
    2. You buy them at the reduced rate for the poor.
  4. If you are doing a 1-Year Diploma Course:
    1. Then you have one year to buy your library books.
  5. If your Seminary Training is 2 years:
    1. Then you have two years to buy your library books.
    2. However, you must get all your recommended books before graduation.

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