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Peter Pryce

Welcome to Bookstoresite®!

This is the Author Website of Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce.

Here, you will find all things books that Rev. Prof. Pryce has written, and is writing.

Browse through for your Academic, Theological, Research, and Educational Books at discount prices. These are not books for the casual, benign, and fairytale reader! These, very serious, research books will surely advance the frontiers of your knowledge!

Browse through the bookshelf and buy a book!

During a 2019 visit to Liberia, Bishop Dr. Rodwell Buckley, Prelate: Faith Mission Temple, Inc. USA stated that: “The Gospel of Jesus Christ will only be understood and felt deeply once illiteracy is dealt with”. My affiliation with Faith Mission Temple, Inc. USA seeks to implement Dr. Buckley’s objective through my Mission to eradicate the illiteracy of the Teacher and Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by means of the spiritual Vision of Acts 15:22-31 (KJV) and Acts 16:4-5 (KJV) that Jesus Christ gave me for my Ministry of Spiritual Forensics.

To those of you for whom any of the following is of interest:

  • to receive periodic information on my Christian Theological Books
  • to send me a Bible or Qur’an question for explanation
  • to guide you on how to accomplish the book that you have always wanted to write
  • to mount and deliver packaged anointed Bible teachings in your church
  • to commission me to write an in-depth Bible Study and Commentary on any Book of the Bible
  • to train your Pastors in how to write sermons
  • to teach on Strategies for Church Growth in your church

Send me your request, or subscribe for updates by simply sending me your email, full name, and designation.

God bless you!

DSEF, BA, MA, B.Soc.Sc Pol Sci, IBA, PhD
A Scribe of the Law of the God of Heaven
Prophet of the Word of God
Professor of French, USA

Phone: +1-301-793-7190

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Phone: +1-301-793-7190

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